The Space



The Space

At BKBX we provide an unprecedented space that ensures you get an incredible workout—you provide the adventurous mindset.


What to Expect

  • Class-Based Studio Workouts
  • Real-Time Wearable Technology
  • Rock Climbing Walls
  • Recovery Studio
  • Outdoor Trips with BKB Wild


Explore your new fitness frontier

Use this space to challenge yourself, supercharge your skills, and enhance performance.


What to expect:

  • 60-minute workout classes 
  • 2 Coaches, 4 stations, and 24 participants (max.)
  • 4 stations: The Rig, Cardio, Turf, and Monkey Space
  • Off-the-ground training in the Monkey Space
  • Real-time wearable biometric tracking


Get off the Ground

Diversify your workout with our climbing wall and training amenities.


What to expect:

  • 92’ Long Bouldering Wall
  • Climbing Training Wall
  • Hang Boards + Campus Board
  • Climbing Gear Rentals


Get back to your next workout sooner

Ready to get back to your next workout sooner? Then rest up, recharge, and prep your body with our results-based Recovery Studio.


What to expect:

  • Cryotherapy
  • Infrared Sauna
  • Compression Sleeves
  • Massage + Muscle Therapy Devices
  • Treatment Tables and Chairs
  • Vibrating Massage Rollers
  • Stretching Area + More

BKB Wild

Go beyond the studio

Bridge the gap between indoor training and outdoor adventures with BKB Wild. We offer premium trips for people of all experience levels, so whether you’re a novice or a seasoned pro, we’re ready for you.


Trip Types:

  • Ice climbing
  • Sport climbing
  • Traditional climbing
  • Top rope climbing
  • Bouldering
  • Skiing/Snowboarding
  • Surfing