Active restoration


Give it a rest. 

Recovery is often treated as an afterthought in traditional fitness and athletic regimens, but at BKBX we see it as an integral element of training. It is your opportunity to reset and focus on your ongoing sustainability, restoration, and performance. We offer several recovery methods and equipment to prepare your body to work optimallyso you can get back to achieving your goals sooner.

Restore your architecture. 

When it comes to recovery at BKBX, you can expect a science-supported approach and hands-on technology integration.

Our methods focus on:

Myofascial release. Static stretching to address imbalances. Enhancing soft tissue quality and blood circulation. Focusing on posture and mechanical adjustments to maintain a strong biomechanical foundation. Establishing breathing patterns for autonomic nervous system balance.  

Recover with state-of-the-art amenities, including:

3D Digital Assessment*. Cryotherapy. Infrared Sauna. Compression Sleeves. Recovery Devices. Muscle therapy devices. Treatment tables and chairs. Stretching Area, rollers, and more.

*Our digital assessment utilizes 3D camera technology for an overhead squat assessment to extend our assessment process into the recovery offering.