Meet Whitney Meza, BKBX Program Manager

Whitney’s background in fine arts and unconventional fitness led her to an early career in the group fitness industry. Five years ago, Whitney joined the Brooklyn Boulders Somerville team as a personal trainer. By 2016, she was the Head Personal Trainer. Over these past five years, Whitney has been integral in the team’s success in Boston. Unsurprisingly, she has consistently helped crush her department’s goals.

In addition to helping develop our fitness programming, Whitney is the founder of The Wellness Blueprint: a corporate wellness company. With 15 years in the fitness industry, she is dedicated to diversifying her knowledge and bringing wellness to communities by integrating health, movement, and play. In fact, you’ll often see her teaching fitness and yoga classes all over Boston.


Onward with BKBX

Whitney’s expertise has been critical in helping to build and manage BKBX’s proprietary fitness programs and classes, unprecedented tracking technology, and completely unique training and recovery center. What’s more impressive? She’s managed to do all of this while continuing in her Brooklyn Boulders’ Fitness Coordinator role. From leading classes and workouts for BKBX to hopping back in at BKB Somerville, her hard work had not gone unnoticed.

Whitney Meza BKBX Program Manager

As someone who is very much unapologetically herself, it’s no surprise that Whitney became a beloved member of the BKB Somerville community. She’s known for inspiring those around her and helping people improve their health and happiness. Whether it’s through fitness, yoga, and/or climbing, she’s notorious for wrapping it up her unique humor and always-positive attitude, providing a great experience for all.

Upon announcement of her new position with BKBX, a BKB team member said it well:


“Not only does Whitney empower everyone around her, but she motivates us to be the best that we can be. She is a complete badass and I know that BKBX will be a fantastic success with her at the helm!”




Meet Whitney + Get Involved with BKBX

With that, we are stoked to officially welcome Whitney to the BKBX team. Want to meet her? Join us at one of our upcoming BKBX events. We look forward to seeing you there.

How does Whitney make adventure her sport?  Make it fun, keep your foundations creative and your programming agile.

P.S. Want to get in on the ground floor with BKBX? Founding Memberships are available now. Check out the options here.