Meet Paul Juris, Head of Science + Programming

BKBX programming, including the integrated data insights (AQ), was developed by Dr. Paul Juris, Ed.D., a pioneer in the research and development of human motor skill for over three decades. He is the Head of Science + Programming at BKBX, where he is responsible for driving the development of adventure training programming, capturing data, creating advanced metrics and analytics systems, and developing expert personnel.

With a career spanning thirty-five years, Dr. Juris has long been a pioneer in the research and development of human motor skill. Before joining BKBX, he was the Executive Director of the Cybex Research Institute and Chief Science Officer at Cybex International. In this capacity, he directed empirical scientific research efforts in human movement, biomechanics, metabolics, motor control, and general health and wellness. His work at the Institute helped lay the groundwork for innovations in products, health and fitness solutions, and educational content and programs that continue to serve the health and fitness communities.

Furthermore, as a professor of Human Movement Studies at Hunter College and Columbia University, Dr. Juris established the academic foundation that underlies the methods he practices and teaches today. He is currently an adjunct professor of Kinesiology at the University of Massachusetts Amherst and a visiting lecturer at Coventry University in Coventry, England. Dr. Juris is also a frequent lecturer at medical, scientific, sports, and fitness conferences.

In 1993, he earned his Doctorate in Motor Learning from Teachers College at Columbia University. He earned his Master’s in Exercise Science from the University of Massachusetts Amherst in 1985, and a Bachelor’s degree in Human Movement Studies from Hunter College, in 1983.