Meet Jeff Seigel, Athletic Curriculum Developer and Coach

Jeff considers himself an astute student of human nature, a health geek, and lover of movement. After suffering from an eating disorder as a teenager, he was driven to learn all he could about creating a healthy mind-body relationship.

Jeff Farmer Carry


His background in neuroscience and biology in conjunction with graduate academic work in Buddhism and developmental psychology allows him to fuse fitness with a scientifically and spiritually grounded, whole person approach to optimal living.

Holistic health + wellness

Jeff’s integral approach seeks to address the psychological, physical, environmental, emotional and spiritual dimensions that keep people stuck in unhealthy habits, poor decisions, and self-destructive patterns. He has extensive experience helping people work with, learn from, and grow through mental and physical health concerns including body image issues, weight management, over/under/dysregulated eating, digestive complaints, chronic stress, attention deficits, poor executive function, and mood swings.



Jeff’s cross-training philosophy adopts the best from barbells, kettlebells, dumbbells, calisthenics, gymnastics, yoga, martial arts and functional movement to give his students a satisfying workout that leaves the body and soul refreshed. He’s also an ACSM certified personal trainer.

Jeff Hurdling

Stay in the Loop

Jeff now serves his community through integrative health coaching and personal training in Boston, and his goal is to help people develop and sustain healthier habits for happier lives. He has also created a TED-ed video titled “What Makes Muscles Grow?” for a 9th grade physical education unit, and regularly updates his blog, Facebook, and Instagram with educational and inspiring health/wellness content.