Adventure Training

BKBX Programming

Purpose matters.

When it comes to BKBX programming, we don’t innovate to impress. We innovate to improve. We want our workouts to enhance the pursuits you feel passionate about. We want every group-based classes to challenge you, take you places, and test the outer reaches of your limitations.

In short, our training is purpose-driven. It’s why we do what we do. It’s why BKBX is focused on enhancing performance and ensuring that you develop the physical and mental skills required to reach your optimal potential.

Instead of trying to mimic outdoor tasks inside the studio, BKBX programming strategically builds upon your current capabilities and improves outdoor performance characteristicsso when it’s time, you will be prepared to venture out and put those skills to the test.

Expect an ongoing challenge. 

Training is not a linear process. Skills and abilities build upon each other in increasingly dynamic ways over time, which is why BKBX developed a training cycle to optimize and advance your progressions.

The BKBX training cycle is made up of three interchangeable, cyclic modules: Foundations, Skills, and Athletics. All three modules use advanced tracking technology to amplify both your experience and overall training results. Regardless of your experience level, every module offers several sessions tailored to your abilitiesculminating in 30+ classes across all modules. There is no definitive beginning or end to the cycle, so you can progress through each module at your own pace and discretion. Rather than reaching “the end” of training, you will continue the process with renewed objectives and even greater challenges.

adventure training


Refine your base with Foundations. 

Foundation classes provide the ongoing opportunity to focus on developing and improving the physical prerequisites that will prepare you for the challenges ahead. Expect a training experience that elevates foundational exercises to create a scalable, results-focused program. Focus areas include:

  • Cardio Endurance
  • Strength
  • Mobility

Put mind over matter with Skills.

The Skills modules feature intensive physical workouts that will sharpen your intellectual focus and help you master techniques with an emphasis on cognitive power. Expect dynamic puzzles, problem solving, and other sensory experiences that will test your body and mind using our integrated equipment and technology. Focus areas include:

  • Pattern Recognition
  • Information Processing
  • Decision-making
  • Reaction + Response
  • Anticipation
  • Coordination

Tap into your power with Athletics

Within the Athletics module, we challenge you to be relentless, ignite your system, and apply your Foundational knowledge to this power-driven program. Expect multi-planar movements, plyometric training, and state-of-the-art technology integrations to sharpen your force output. Focus areas include:

  • Metabolic Recovery
  • Power + Explosiveness
  • Agility + Stability
  • Appropriate Asymmetry

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