Adventure Quotient

AQ Score

BKBX programming is powered by the AQ scorea progression metric used to drive individual and group performance and manage workouts in real time. Compete against yourself while propelling your fitness evolution forward by tracking your data over time.


It’s time to train smarter. 

In an era of high-end fitness trackers and heart rate monitors, people often work out to the point of exhaustion in an effort to burn more calories, lose weight, and get “in shape.” However, despite all good intentions, this approach to fitness only over-stresses the system and quickly exhausts motor functions, which drives down progress, resiliency, and overall motivation.

At BKBX, we do not encourage unsustainable overexertion. We do not measure calories burned or strive to lift the heaviest weights. Instead, we strive to be intentional and calculated about the way we train. To optimize your progress, we developed an innovative performance metric that measures heart rate (your physiological input) calculates  your rate of force development (your mechanical output), and combines them to establish your AQ (Adventure Quotient).

adventure quotient

The AQ is our research-based formula that tells you whether you’re working out at your most optimal level.

Get to know your AQ (Adventure Quotient).

Heart rate, when measured on its own, is not a clear indicator of physical abilitiesespecially when it comes to training for pursuits that require power and endurance. However, when we add rate of force development to the equation, the picture becomes clearer. Your heart rate is a direct response to the work you are physically exerting as you move around and workout.

For the AQ, we calculate both metrics togetherheart rate and rate of force developmentto help you train with maximum efficiency while avoiding unnecessary power depletion.

The idea behind this sustainable, efficient training is keeping a lower heart rate while maintaining a high rate of force development. This is one of the primary goals driving our physical potential at BKBX because, ultimately, more is not better. Better is better.

How does it work?

BKBX’s wearable technology, which tracks up to 20 biometrics, includes a heart rate monitor and an accelerometer that measures your mechanical output. As you work through the zones of each class, there will be large screens displaying live AQ updatesso you can see how you (and others) are performing in real time.

This visual presentation gives you the ability to immediately adjust your efforts so you can manage and sustain your workout. In short, the AQ indicates your target training value. By changing that target from time to time as you train, we can create a variable program that will keep you progressing towards your goals. Over time you will learn how to manage your physiological inputwhile maximizing outputin order to drive up your evolving performance capabilities. The AQ score is applied to two main categories:

Class AQ  

Get an individual class score upon completion.

Zone AQ

Get an individual score per zone throughout the class.


After you complete a class, our in-house experts will be available at the Adventure Bar to review your data and make recommendations about training strategies, progression goals, and suggested recovery methods.