About BKBX

BKBX is the Adventure Training Center in Boston featuring innovative fitness classes and technology, a state-of-the-art recovery center, an extensive bouldering wall, outdoor expeditions, and more. BKBX is part of the Brooklyn Boulders ‘Adventure Lifestyle Ecosystem’.


Our Philosophy

At BKBX, we train together. We train for the love of adventure, the pursuit of personal progress, and for the goals that move us forward. To stay true to these ambitions, BKBX was founded on four pillars designed to inspire and optimize our ability to:

  • Train — Develop agility, stamina, and strength.
  • Connect — Share experiences and leverage technology to advance our potential.
  • Recover — Increase efficiency, accelerate progress, and maximize ability.
  • Adventure — Embrace exploration, push boundaries, and explore beyond them.

Welcome to BKBX—developed by Brooklyn Boulders. Designed for the adventurous.

Get Ready with Us

Regardless of your current abilities, BKBX has been strategically designed and tested to effectively build upon, and effectively enhance, your current capabilities. We meet you where you are. That way, when it’s time to venture out beyond your comfort zone, you’ll be more than ready.

Bottomline: Through every phase of your BKBX journey, with every class or cryotherapy session, we encourage you to expand your human potential. This philosophy is not confined within the walls of the BKBX training center. In fact, we offer premier access to outdoor excursions and trips designed to put your capabilities to the test. Learn more here.