BKBX Williamsburg

Coming 2020

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At BKBX we bring together fitness, technology, and recovery in a new training experience inspired by adventure.

The Classes

If you’re looking for a way to start training more adventurously, this is it. Our 60-minute studio classes were developed by a team of sports scientists and adventure athletes dedicated to supercharging your fitness (regardless of experience level).

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“The futuristic-looking new sibling of Brooklyn Boulders, BKBX landed in Allston earlier this year to bridge the gap between the work you put in inside the gym and the work you put in outside of it. That means you’ll find a comprehensive training studio in addition to recovery-focused amenities such as cryotherapy and an infrared sauna...”

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“Gone are the days when bragging about how many consecutive training sessions you’ve notched was proof of your Spartan-level dedication to fitness. Smart athletes know that...”

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“And it’s not like any other Brooklyn Boulders experience—it’s a whole new training concept called BKBX and it’s jam-packed with exciting new ways to use your gym time to prep for your outdoor adventures.”

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“Urban rock climbing space Brooklyn Boulders (with locations in New York, Chicago, and Boston) is set to open a high-end adventure training facility called BKBX in Allston, MA, in 2019. It'll include cryotherapy, muscle therapy treatments, and an infrared sauna.”

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“BKBX, a new fitness center from the founders of Brooklyn Boulders, isn’t simply meant to be a gym where you bust out a few bicep curls and head home. “We train people for adventure, but we also make fitness adventurous..."”

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“As a brand, Brooklyn Boulders has always been quick to embrace concepts not historically coupled with climbing gyms.”

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The Recovery Studio

Use the Recovery Studio to balance your workouts with cryotherapy, infrared sauna, compression sleeves, massage devices, and other recovery tools. This is your opportunity to reset and recharge so you can return to crushing goals sooner.

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